Autobahn Window Films & Xpel Paint Protection Films

GT Tint has a variety of products to offer customers in Louisiana that come from trusted brands with innovative technology.

Xpel: XPEL ULTIMATE™ Paint Protection Film allows you to drive a new car every day. When you hit the road, make sure it doesn’t hit back. Xpel Ultimate™ Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. ULTIMATE™ protects against:

• Rocks

• Bug Acids

• Oils

• Bird Droppings

• Salt

• Gravel

• Tree Sap

• Magnesium Chloride

Here are some common questions

Will my car’s paint fade or look different when the film is removed?
The paint protected by the film fades at the same rate as the paint left unprotected, so there is no difference in appearance.

Does the film require special care?
No. Special care is not required, simply wash and wax your vehicle as you normally would.

Can the film be removed?
Yes. The film has a patented adhesive that allows for removal without damaging the paint.

XPEL ULTIMATE™ Paint Protection Film provides a 10-year warranty backed by a worldwide network of certified XPEL Installers.

Clearest Protection Optically clear, zero orange peel finish leaves the film virtually invisible.

Autobahn: Our Performance Window Films are powered by the Hüper Optik® line of products have a history of cutting edge technology, industry-leading performance and clarity that is unmatched in the automotive world. In addition, autobahn™ represents new and expanding technologies available only through this network of exclusive professionals. Your car will be in the care of the industry’s finest professionals available.

You’ve made a large investment in your car. Our keen attention to detail will ensure your car is treated as one of our own.

We also have made an investment in our Program, committed to handling your every need in adding value to your vehicle.

The autobahn™ location is designed to provide a safe and professional environment while we improve the comfort and style of your car.

Our locations are staffed by highly trained professionals who undergo a yearly continuing education training and recertification in order to continue to provide you unmatched quality, knowledge and customer service.

No Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty

The investments you make in your vehicle should last and choosing autobahn™ is no exception.

Autobahn™ Performance Window Films powered by Hüper Optik® guarantees your film will maintain their properties without discoloration, cracking, crazing, blistering, bubbling, delaminating, fading, or demetalization when installed by an authorized autobahn™ Dealer….or we’ll fix it.

Enjoy peace of mind and security with the world’s most experienced manufacturer of patented nano-technology window films.

Huper Optik: This global brand provides automotive, and marine tint solutions. They have six series to choose from. Their company creates films that are the highest performing non-reflective films on the market and the world’s only nano-ceramic film. Their products have maximum heat protection and many options are cost effective. Privacy finishes are also available, with decorative designs. To read more about Huper Optik products, click here.

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