Automotive Tinting and Paint Protection at GT Tint

GT Tint offers auto tint services, paint protection films, and decorative window film. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and schedule an appointment with us, be sure to contact GT Tint of Mandeville today!

Automotive Tinting

Window films are more than cosmetic. Our films reject heat from the sun, block damaging UV rays, reduce glare and help deter "smash and grab" thefts. High technology window films from Huper Optik can protect you from the sun, with SPF factors exceeding 1000. Our films range from crystal clear to nearly opaque, so you can get the exact look you want to ride in. On average, Americans spend over 100 hours per year in their cars. Instead of squinting and sweating, you’ll be cool and comfortable with our tinted windows, added an extra level of comfort beyond the air conditioning, making traveling more bearable. Huper Optik window films protect your skin from UV rays, hold shattered glass together in an accident, offer privacy, reduce glare, and prevent sun damage. Decorative window film is available to personalize your ride as well.

Paint Protection Film

Offering paint protection in Louisiana, we have Xpel Ultimate to protect your car from paint chips, dings, scratches, pitting, and bugs. Since you can’t control what happens outside the car while you’re driving, protect your car in the best way possible. Our films are invisible to preserve the color and beauty of your vehicle. Our technicians are certified and Xpel offers a ten year warranty.

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